针灸 Acupuncture

Insertion of sterile stainless steel needles in specific points of your body called "acupoints". Not only promoting the production of natural opioids called encephalins thus relieving pain and anxiety, but also used for tonifying or dispersing the channels to harmonize internal organs. It's normally used for all pain related problems, mental health (Anxiety, depression, PAWS, and a great variety of internal medicine diseases.


中药 Chinese Herbs

One of the most important aspect of treatments, with a materia medica that has lasted for thousands of years, safe and effective. It can be used to treat numerous imbalances, and help the body regain it's natural homeostasis. Twigs, flowers, seeds, roots and minerals are carefully selected to create a powerful symbiosis and help your body acquire what is missing. It can be used for a great variety of ailments i.e. Anxiety, Stress, Irritability, Hypertension, Diabetes, Migraines, etc.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a mixture of techniques (acupuncture, moxibustion, Asian massage, etc) that work together to help your body regain its homeostasis, harmonizing your organs, calming your mind, and relaxing your body.

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火罐 Cupping

Use of glass cups with fire to create a vacuum, its power suction bring stagnated blood to the surface, relieving pain, muscle contraction or spasms, while at the same time improving circulation and stimulating acupoints. Indicated for relieving pain, or other "external diseases" like Common cold. Excellent to relief muscle fatigue, in high performance athletes.


刮痧 Gua Sha

An ancient technique use to get "rid of the evil pathogens" by scraping the skin with jade, stone, buffalo horn or other materials. Excellent for relieving acute fever, flu symptoms, etc

​推拿 Tui-Na Massage

This massage when properly done had great benefits for the body, it can unlock mechanical problems in the spine, joints, while relaxing musculature, it can be used to improve circulation thus promoting healing while improving sensation and warmth in places where blood has problems reaching. Commonly Used for relieving lumbago, nerve impingement, cervicalgia, etc,


太极气功 TaiJi, QiGong

TaiJi is a martial art and a meditation in movement practice, it can be highly spiritual and bring you peace of mind, as well as tonify muscles, strengthen tendons and joints, improves balance, coordination and has been proven to help with sleeping disorders, stress, attention, etc. This kind of physical training is used to promote longevity, prevent diseases, increase flexibility, mental relaxation and spiritual awareness.



Initial Consultation and Follow ups include:


  • Tongue Evaluation

  • Pulse Diagnostics

  • Acupuncture treatment

  • Herbal Prescription as appropriate (Herbs have extra charge)

  • Cupping, Tui-NaGua Sha or auricular acupuncture as needed

  • Plan for course of treatment

  • Educational exercises.