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Doctor Andres Gonzalez L.Ac graduated from medical school in 2005, after working as an M.D. he discovered HinaiShin a Japanese technique using intradermal needles, that took away he's neck pain almost instantaneously, after studying 1 year under the school for medical acupuncturists in Mexico he was awarded a scholarship to study in China, there he pursued his Masters in Tuina and Acupuncture, where he spent 3 years rotating through all the departments of Chinese Medicine, learning about Apitherapy, Catgut Implantation, Pulse Diagnosis, Cupping, Fire Needle, etc all while reading the classics.

After returning to the US he graduated from the Doctoral program in Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, where he polished his techniques with the help of great teachers.

For the last years, he has devoted his time to produce healing music, as well as doing Micro needling techniques for facial rejuvenation. 

Currently he offers his services by appointment only in Escondido, California.

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